Treating Constipation in Children: The 4R Approach

What if your baby’s constipation reached the point that every time he felt the urge to poop you had to “help” him by pulling him onto your lap and bicycling his legs? What if that didn’t work and you had to relieve his bowels by hand? That was the case with this family. They couldn’t even leave […]

Dealing with Kids’ Ear Pain while Flying

I was on vacation recently and got a call from the father of one of my little patients. He was on vacation as well, and told me that his four-year-old daughter started to have some ear pain on the airplane when they were landing. Her pain ended up getting worse and worse, so they took […]

All About Ears – Blog Series Part 2 – “The Four Causes of Ear Infections”

Ear infections are the bane of modern parenthood. Yet, they are poorly understood and often over-treated.The United States spends $4b a year on ear infections. I do not think this needs to be the case.Once I began practicing integrative medicine and incorporating nutritional recommendations into my daily pediatric practice, I saw recurrent ear infections melting […]

All About Ears – Blog Series Part 1 – No More Tubes

We all come into this world with certain gifts.  My gift revealed itself early on.  I can remember being in the 8th or 9th grade and my mother brought home one of her students whose earring back had imbedded itself into her earlobe.  We lived in a rural area in the Midwest where people didn’t […]

Are Antibiotics the Only Treatment for Ear Infections?

Toddler getting an ear examination

I have seen time and again that ear infections do not always require antibiotics. The integrative approach is extremely effective, especially when breaking the cycle of recurrent ear infections. Many ear infections heal on their own Upwards of 65% of ear infections will heal on their own, without the aid of an antibiotic.  It is safe to watch and wait […]

Treating Childhood Asthma at the Cellular Level: Case Study

In traditional medicine, asthma is often considered a lifelong diagnosis, but with an integrativeapproach, symptoms can be well-controlled or even resolved. Asthma is a condition involving the narrowing of airways and excess mucus production, leadingto wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. In traditional medicine, doctors manage asthmawith inhaled steroids, which aim to keep inflammation at bay […]