Do you wish you could stop your child's eczema?

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If you're tired of treatments that help your child's skin for a little while, only for symptoms to return even worse, Dr. Kilbane's eczema approach can help!

Does Your Child:

  • Stay up all night itching?
  • Miss out on activities?
  • Seem embarrassed by his or her skin?

Do You:

  • Feel frustrated because steroid creams stop working?
  • Wish there was something that worked for more than a few days?

With Dr. Kilbane's Eczema Quick Start Guide, you will learn how to relieve your child’s eczema using a safe, simple plan delivered to your inbox.

Dr. Kilbane’s innovative approach helped heal Rocky’s eczema......

Rocky's parents had been told his eczema was a lifelong condition and that although it could be controlled, it couldn’t be cured. He was miserable, and his skin actually looked similar to patients who have 3rd-degree burns. We used our Healthy Kids, Happy Moms process to help resolve this sweet boy’s eczema and today his skin is beautiful!


Dr. Kilbane's approach is universal and can be used by both children and adults who have eczema. Here's what's included:

  • Food Triggers Specific to Eczema: Dr. Kilbane guides you through a selective elimination diet.
  • Food Replacement Suggestions: A comprehensive list of foods to remove and foods to add in their place.
  • Supplement Guide: Instructions on how to start two important minerals, plus dosing.

About Sheila Kilbane, MD

Dr. Kilbane is on a mission to transform pediatric healthcare and get one million kids off of meds they may not need. To help spread the word about how profoundly nutrition impacts children's health, she presents at medical conferences, online summits, guest blogs and regularly appears on wellness podcasts.

  • Board-certified pediatrician
  • Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Featured Speaker at International Medical Conferences

Dr. Kilbane sees individual patients at her practice in Charlotte, NC and helps people all over the world through her online education courses.

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