How to Treat Constipation and “Bowel Accidents” Without Medication

The video below addresses the case of a 7-year old little girl who was having constipation and “stooling” accidents every day. She came to see me with three years of encopresis despite being on ½ capful of MiraLAX® (Polyethylene glycol 3350) daily. She’d also had recurrent urinary tract infections and was on a prophylactic antibiotic to help prevent any […]

Treating Constipation in Children: The 4R Approach

What if your baby’s constipation reached the point that every time he felt the urge to poop you had to “help” him by pulling him onto your lap and bicycling his legs? What if that didn’t work and you had to relieve his bowels by hand? That was the case with this family. They couldn’t even leave […]