The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 5.6 million U.S. children (7.6%) have a food allergy and 40% of those children have more than one.  The Academy also noted that prevalence could be as high as 11.4%.

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Blond girl with a hoodie in a pile of autumn leaves

How to Combat Fall Allergies

Fall allergies can be just as troublesome for kids as the ones that come in spring. Let’s talk about allergy triggers and how to relieve them.

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Allergy testing will determine if your child is allergic to everyday foods like corn flakes and dairy

Food and Environmental Allergy Testing Part One

General pediatrics is filled with kids who have chronic runny noses, poorly controlled eczema and asthma, and many of them need allergy testing.

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boy using an inhaler to control asthma and wheezing sitting on a couch with his mother

Asthma: Is Wheezing the First Sign?

When I know a child has an increased risk of asthma or any other type of inflammatory issue like allergies, constipation, or reflux, I look at the bigger picture and ask, How can I reduce this child’s overall systemic inflammation? 

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What If You Could Break Your Child's Sick Cycle?

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