Over 12% of American children suffer from eczema, at an annual cost of $3.8billion. One-third of eczema cases are caused by food allergies and food sensitivities.  

Is it possible to cure eczema by removing the wrong foods from the diet? Or is there more to it than that?

What is Eczema?

A skin condition in which the skin is dry, rough, and becomes inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding. It is a complex condition involving the skin barrier, the immune system, and other external triggers (eczematous dermatitis or atopic dermatitis). 

  • Conventional Treatment
  • Steroid creams of varying potency to keep inflammation at bay
  • Anti-histamine medications to control the itching
  • Environmental allergy testing when appropriate 
  • Educate parents about bathing and proper moisturizers to support the skin barrier


Dr. Kilbane’s Integrative Eczema Treatment 

  • Identify the underlying Triggers of Inflammation and Eczema using Dr. Kilbane’s Healthy Kids Happy Moms 7-Step Program. Common triggers:
    • Food. One-third of eczema cases are caused by food allergies and food sensitivities. The two big culprits are dairy and eggs 
    • Environmental allergies. Dust mites and other environmental allergens can contribute to eczema 
  • Optimize the Gut Microbiome. This helps your child heal from the inside out. 
  • Optimize the Skin Microbiome. A two way street of inflammation exists between the gut and the skin. Upwards of 80% of kids with eczema have excess Staphylococcus bacteria on their skin.  Once the Staph bacteria is addressed on the skin and the skin begins to heal, this facilitates gut healing. 
Download Dr. Kilbane’s Free Eczema Start Guide.
This treatment is explained in Dr. Kilbane’s book and its accompanying workbook, as well as in her online companion course

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