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Dr. Sheila Kilbane knew she wanted to be a doctor from the age of seven. Her science career began on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, where she fished for perch with her dad. Every scale and organ fascinated Sheila, who admits, “I cut into everything to figure out how it worked.”

Soon after beginning elementary school, Sheila started running high fevers three or four times a year. They left her weak and unable to do anything, even as passive as watching television. By the third or fourth day of the fever, her mother took her to “Dr. T,” who would listen to her heart and lungs and feel the glands in her neck. Dr. Kilbane recalls, “Dr. T never spoke to me directly, only to my mother. He didn’t attempt to form even the slightest connection with me, so I didn’t make any attempt either. With this mutual disconnect, it’s no wonder I have terrible childhood memories of the doctor-patient relationship.”


I understood everything that was going on in Dr. T’s office, but I felt invisible. Each visit inevitably ended with a shot of penicillin that he administered like he was throwing a dart at a bullseye. I avoided seeing him at all costs. When I was sick and I could sense the impending doctor visit, I would leave my mouth open a bit while my mother was checking my temperature. I would then suck in the ambient cool air in order to prevent the thermometer from showing my correct body temperature. Fairly clever for a seven-year-old eh? Not really. It didn’t save me a single visit. Perhaps now you can understand why part of my life’s work is being a voice for kids; another part is being an ear for parents and a resource for other pediatricians.

The Healthy Kids, Happy Moms Program

After her pediatric residency, Dr. Kilbane practiced in a busy pediatric clinic, where she saw many children over and over again because their so-called common childhood illnesses were not improving—despite the medications and surgeries she recommended. It’s a familiar list:

“The more frequently kids returned to my office unhealed after a prescription or procedure, the more frustrated everyone became, including me,” she says.

With a vow to find a better way to restore children to their best health Dr. Kilbane opened a private practice where she could give families the time and attention they need and deserve. That’s how she developed a method for preventing and reversing common childhood illnesses using the best of traditional and integrative medicine. The Healthy Kids, Happy Moms Program is a seven-step process to reduce and prevent chronic childhood illnesses from the inside out.

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Dr. Kilbane is on a mission to transform pediatric healthcare and get one million kids off of meds they may not need. To help spread the word about how profoundly nutrition impacts children’s health, she presents at medical conferences, online summits, guest blogs and regularly appears on wellness podcasts.

Dr. Kilbane has presented on the Evolution of Medicine Functional Forum, a monthly gathering of 6,000-10,000 health professionals where speakers such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and Dr. Leo Galland have also presented. She was a featured speaker at the Journey to 100 conference in Guernsey, UK, where healthcare leaders from around the globe explored ideas for new and sustainable approaches to lifelong health.

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What You Get With The Eczema Jump Start Guide:

Dr. Kilbane’s approach is universal and can be used by both children and adults who have eczema. Here’s what’s included: